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Hip Replacement NZ

Hip Replacement NZ

As one of the largest joints in the body and the one that carries much of the body weight, the hip can be a source of pain and a mobility issue for many. Hip replacement surgery can alleviate and cure that pain and fix those mobility problems.

A hip replacement is a surgical procedure where the hip joint is replaced with prosthetic implants. It may involve either a total replacement or a hemi (half) replacement.

This hip joint replacement orthopaedic surgery is commonly used to help with arthritis pain or in the repair of severe physical joint damage as part of hip fracture treatment.

The total hip surgery involves the replacement of both the acetabulum and the femoral head in the hip joint while half or hemiarthroplasty will usually only replace the femoral head.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr. Gary French will discuss your evaluation results with you so you can decide whether hip replacement surgery is the best means of relieving your pain and improving your mobility.

Ormiston Orthopaedic provide excellent care and treatment, we have a leading team with one of the best surgeons who will provide expert advice and the best outcome.

Our clinic and surgical rooms have the latest equipment and we provide the full range of postoperative care need to get you back on your feet again.

Please contact us to find out about the hip replacement surgery in Auckland, NZ and ask any questions that you may have about the procedure. We are here to help you and want to make sure you understand the procedure completely.