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The Necessary Preparation for Hip Replacement Surgery

Posted by on Jan 19, 2018 in blog | 12 comments

Hip replacement surgery is a fairly major operation that involves replacing a hip joint that has been damaged or worn away. Here are some of the preparations you will need to undertake before your operation.


If you are a smoker, your surgeon may request that you stop smoking before your operation as smoking increases the chances of contracting a chest or wound infection.


Your doctor will advise you whether you will need to stop taking any regular medications before your hip replacement as some medications can interfere with the anti-clotting medication that may be given to you. You will also be given antibiotics after your surgery.


There are three main options regarding anesthesia for your surgery: general, spinal or epidural. Depending on which option your anesthetist recommends for you, you may even end up with a combination of general so you are asleep during the operation and spinal or epidural to reduce pain immediately after the procedure.


Most hip replacements are done under spinal anesthesia together with intravenous sedation, in which case you will be required to fast. This typically means not eating or drinking for 6 hours prior to your op.

Compression Stockings

Your surgeon may ask that you wear a compression stocking on the unaffected leg during the operation, to help prevent blood clots (deep vein thrombosis, DVT) from forming in your veins. You may also be required to have an anti-clotting medicine called heparin in addition to, or instead of, stockings.

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