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The Top Things You Can Do to Ensure the Best Recovery After Knee Surgery

Posted by on Nov 1, 2017 in blog | 36 comments

After your knee surgery, whether your required a total knee joint replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery or any other form of major or minor operation, it is important to follow the post-care directions given to you by your orthopedic surgeon. Here are some things you can do to ensure the best recovery for your knee after surgery.

  1. Maintain good general health

Maintaining good general heath after your surgery is important. Things like eating healthy, staying away from alcohol and smoking can help aid your recovery.

  1. Follow the physiotherapist’s exercise program

Post-surgery, your physio may give you some exercises to do that will help strengthen the muscles around the knee joint. These exercises are imperative as your physio will have tailored these exercises specifically to aid with your recovery.

  1. Take you pain relief medications as prescribed so that you can be comfortable enough to do your exercise program.

Maintaining your exercise program after surgery is going to cause some discomfort so making sure you are taking your pain relief as required will help you keep up the momentum and strengthen the knee so you can get back on your feet sooner.

  1. Exercise preoperatively to maintain the strength of your thigh muscles – e.g. exercycle work with the seat elevated, water walking in a pool.

Your orthopedic surgeon may request that you undertake some pre-op exercises to strengthen your thigh muscles. Doing these exercises will help greatly with your recovery so as much as it may be difficult with your existing injury, you will be happy you did!

  1. Ensure that any medical issues that you have been under good control with your GP.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, ensure you and your GP have taken the appropriate steps so that they are under control BEFORE your surgery.

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