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What’s Involved in Fitting a Hip Joint Prosthesis?

Posted by on Feb 21, 2018 in blog | 27 comments

Having a total hip joint replacement in Auckland can be done using minimal invasive surgery,or traditional surgery, depending on the condition. Both types of surgery are available at our practice.

Hip Joint Replacement in NZ

In hip replacement surgery the hip is replaced with a prosthetic implant. The steps are as follows:

  • We firstly examine, x-ray and discuss each person’s surgery and treatment on a case by case basis.
  • In hospital you will be given an anaesthetic that is tailored to you individually by the anaesthetist.
  • Your surgeon then makes an incision of sufficient length to the side of the hip.
  • The muscles that are connected to the top part of the thighbone are moved. This exposes the hip joint.
  • The ball portion of the joint is removed
  • Any damaged cartilage is removed from the surface of the hip socket.
  • The replacement socket is then inserted.
  • In the next stage total hip replacement surgery, the femoral stem is inserted into the top of the thigh bone after the bone is prepared to accept the stem.
  • The ball is then fixed onto the top of the femoral stem.
  • The hip is then reduced, i.e. the ball is located into the socket.
  • It may be necessary to insert a drain to drain excess fluids.
  • The muscles are re-attached and the incision closed.

The hip replacement is then complete. Due to blood loss during surgery it is sometimes necessary for a blood transfusion to take place, although this is uncommon.

Minimal invasive techniques can sometimes be used in surgery. In minimal invasive surgery,the incisions are shorter, but still need to be long enough for the surgeon to visualise the necessary anatomy. The same procedure is then followed as for traditional total hip replacement surgery.

Mr Gary French is known for being one of the best surgeons for hip replacement in NZ. He is highly qualified and experienced in hip replacement in NZ.

For more information on total hip joint replacement in Auckland, NZ contact us today.

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